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The Sea Frogs Salted Line RX1xx housing review

Sea Frogs Salted Line RX1xx water housing

Summary: If you’ve got a Sony RX100 mk 3 -7 and want to take it in or on the water, this housing is a great choice If the Sea Frogs Salted Line RX1xx housing is a good option for you, you can get some discount if you use the code: LSP in the checkout at […]

The Sea Frogs Salted Line a6xxx housing now has a metal base plate

New Sea Frogs Salted Line a6xxx housing design – 3 major updates

Summary: Sea Frogs have updated their Salted Line a6xxx housing with an extra o-ring, locking latches and a reinforced bottom plate The new Sea Frogs Salted Line a6xxx housing is a good value water housing for the Sony a6000 range of cameras. There are several accessories that will be useful for surf photographers including a […]

Sony a6100 specifications

Which camera should I buy for surf photography – September 2019 Update

Summary: apsc is still the best sensor size for surf photography, and Sony make the best apsc cameras for surf photography There have been several new cameras announced recently which would be suitable for surf photography. I do an annual update to my recommended surf photography gear page, and hopefully by the time I do […]