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All the surf photography equipment I recommend is on this page.

I include the best lenses, cameras and accessories for anyone who’s just starting, or getting serious about surf photography.

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Liquid Eye PGXII and PGXsII Pistol Grip – first impressions

The PGXII is the best pistol grip I’ve ever used for surf photography, it’s available for all current housing models in the Liquid Eye range. It’s a fantastic upgrade to a great housing

Aquatech base II and elite ii housings

Aquatech Elite II and Aquatech Base II – updated water housings

AquaTech have added two electronic shutter buttons to the AquaTech Base II and AquaTech Elite II housings, redesigned the pistol grip and some lens ports. The prices remain the same

The Frog Ports USA 6 inch dome port for the Sea frogs salted line a6xxx housing

Frog Ports USA 6″ dome port for Sea Frogs Salted Line housing

The Frog Ports USA 6″ dome port is the best option if you have the 7artisans or Meike fisheye lenses, or if you want to shoot split shots or over/under shots with a small fisheye.