Author: Ben Pascoe

New Sea Frogs Salted Line a6xxx housing design – 3 major updates

Summary: Sea Frogs have updated their Salted Line a6xxx housing with an extra o-ring, locking latches and a reinforced bottom plate The new Sea Frogs Salted Line a6xxx housing is a good value water housing for the Sony a6000 range of cameras. There are several accessories that will be useful for surf photographers including a […]

AxisGO iPhone water housing – unboxing

Summary: AxisGO is the best water housing for iPhone surf photography. AxisGO is a water housing system for your iPhone. it’s the first smart phone water housing designed specifically for surface water sports like surfing. Here’s my video unboxing of the AxisGO water housing. Download the manual here. Place an order through here. AxisGO housing […]

Waterproof iPhone Case – The Next Big Thing

Summary: More surf photos are taken on phones than cameras. Smart people are taking action. GoPro and Nikon are struggling, Canon keep releasing mediocre mid range cameras. What are you, the next generation of amateur surf photographers, going to use to create awesome surf images? Your phone! (once you’ve got your waterproof iPhone housing of course) Here’s my very […]

Jakob’s Water Housing Survey

Jakob emailed me recently with a link to his survey on water housings. He’s writing a paper as part of his course at the University of Rostock on water housings. If you’ve got a spare 5 minutes and you’d like to help Jakob get some more first hand information from water sports photographers please consider filling […]

360 degree video: the best camera for surf

360 degree video is poised to be the next big thing in content creation, with Virtual Reality (VR) experiences moving into the mainstream and people tiring of the same old angles it’s a natural progression for any sort of first person point of view style footage and action sports like surfing in particular. Why is […]

The Now: Ray Collins

This is a well produced video featuring award winning surf photographer Ray Collins, there’s nothing new, no technical details or behind the scenes secrets, just a very nice video about why he likes taking photos of surf and surfers more than mining, something anyone reading this website can relate to (apart from the mining, probably). […]

Family Commitments

I will always try and let you readers know when I’m going to be slowing down with the posts here, and now is one of those times, my wife and I were happily surprised with the early arrival of our first child, she decided to make an appearance before Christmas and we’ve been getting stuck […]

Surf Photography Workshops – Tim Nunn and Chris Burkard

There’s a couple of opportunities to participate in surf photography workshops coming up. Tim Nunn Workshops and Surf Photography Talk One for the UK readers: Follow the link above or click on the photo to read about what goes on during the workshop and to sign up for it. On top of the workshops […]

Another New GoPro Camera – The GoPro Hero

Another leaked announcement from GoPro, assuming it’s all legit, and it definitely looks official, they will be releasing a cheap, no frills camera called the Hero which will record video in 1080p at 30fps or 720p at 60fps and shoot 5MP stills. It has an integrated housing, so you can’t take it out of […]

GoPro Hero 4 Spec’s – How is it for Surf Photography?

I’ve got a GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition, it’s a great video camera and I have used it for taking stills too, today PetaPixel had some unconfirmed photo’s and spec’s for the new Hero 4 cameras from GoPro, and it’s pretty much as everyone expected: Here are the headline spec’s: Hero 4 Black edition: 4K […]

Follow The Light Foundation Winner – Ryan “Chachi” Craig

What Surfing Magazine calls “the most prestigious award in surf photography”, the Follow The Light Photo challenge, was awarded last night at a ceremony, held during the 2014 Vans Open of Surfing in California. I’m pretty sure Ryan “Chachi” Craig won this year, that’s based on this photo that’s tagged with #followthelight on Kelsey Rudolphs […]

GoPro Surf Team Grows

GoPro are expanding their team of sponsored surfers, as reported on GoPro’s video of the day features one of the new riders Chippa Wilson: The new members of GoPro Surf team are all listed in Stabs post, there’s a lot of them, and GoPro is a big sponsor of the ASP tour too, so […]

The High Lines Surfing Storytellers Meeting

This could turn into an interesting video/article, part of the High Line festival was a dinner meeting of “some of the most influential surf filmmakers and photographers” where they could eat and chat about surf media stuff. The High Line’s “Surfing’s Storytellers” from High Line on Vimeo. There’s a couple of posts about it, one […]

Old Housings, New Housings, Medium format, Micro Four Thirds, GoPro

Here’s an interesting housing that caught my eye on eBay recently, it’s for a Rolleiflex twin lens reflex camera, a classic professional medium format design: You can pick up a Rolleiflex camera for about £400 second hand, so combined with this housing it’s not actually a super expensive set-up and you’re all set for […]

Ray Collins Interview on his Unusual Surfer Magazine Cover

The latest Surfer magazine cover is pretty unique, featuring a birds eye view of a wave that’s pitched and broken with no surfer or even a mind surfable wave to look at. Photographer Ray Collins explains the story behind it on the Surfer website here: It’s obviously a great shot and the use of […]

French Vacation: Update

Trente-cinq millimètres essentials (light leaks + scratches added digitally) L to R: Aquatech housing, sunnies, factor 30, Canon EOS 630 with Canon 15mm fisheye, budget Bordeaux, Ilford HP5 black and white film, 200g of Jacques finest Fromage. Here’s a few bullet points from the trip so far (sans formatting as I’m using my tablet to […]

French Vacation

I’m off for a week of fine wine, good food and hopefully some waves that I haven’t surfed before in France. I’ve been to France plenty of times before, it being the standard destination for any young British surfer wanting some decent waves over summer, but I’ve only once surfed further North than Hossegor. This […]

SOLD – Surf Housing for Canon 60D, 70D, 7D etc.

This housing has now sold, I currently have an SPL A-Series housing on sale which will work with a 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D, 60D, and 70D, find out more here: I have updated the pistol grip and re-written this description, find out more here: I’ve got too many housings and I’m no longer […]