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Surf Photography Workshops – Tim Nunn and Chris Burkard

There’s a couple of opportunities to participate in surf photography workshops coming up. Tim Nunn Workshops and Surf Photography Talk One for the UK readers: Follow the link above or click on the photo to read about what goes on during the workshop and to sign up for it. On top of the workshops […]

Another New GoPro Camera – The GoPro Hero

Another leaked announcement from GoPro, assuming it’s all legit, and it definitely looks official, they will be releasing a cheap, no frills camera called the Hero which will record video in 1080p at 30fps or 720p at 60fps and shoot 5MP stills. It has an integrated housing, so you can’t take it out of […]

GoPro Hero 4 Spec’s – How is it for Surf Photography?

I’ve got a GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition, it’s a great video camera and I have used it for taking stills too, today PetaPixel had some unconfirmed photo’s and spec’s for the new Hero 4 cameras from GoPro, and it’s pretty much as everyone expected: Here are the headline spec’s: Hero 4 Black edition: 4K […]

Follow The Light Foundation Winner – Ryan “Chachi” Craig

What Surfing Magazine calls “the most prestigious award in surf photography”, the Follow The Light Photo challenge, was awarded last night at a ceremony, held during the 2014 Vans Open of Surfing in California. I’m pretty sure Ryan “Chachi” Craig won this year, that’s based on this photo that’s tagged with #followthelight on Kelsey Rudolphs […]

GoPro Surf Team Grows

GoPro are expanding their team of sponsored surfers, as reported on GoPro’s video of the day features one of the new riders Chippa Wilson: The new members of GoPro Surf team are all listed in Stabs post, there’s a lot of them, and GoPro is a big sponsor of the ASP tour too, so […]

Old Housings, New Housings, Medium format, Micro Four Thirds, GoPro

Here’s an interesting housing that caught my eye on eBay recently, it’s for a Rolleiflex twin lens reflex camera, a classic professional medium format design: You can pick up a Rolleiflex camera for about £400 second hand, so combined with this housing it’s not actually a super expensive set-up and you’re all set for […]

French Vacation: Update

Trente-cinq millimètres essentials (light leaks + scratches added digitally) L to R: Aquatech housing, sunnies, factor 30, Canon EOS 630 with Canon 15mm fisheye, budget Bordeaux, Ilford HP5 black and white film, 200g of Jacques finest Fromage. Here’s a few bullet points from the trip so far (sans formatting as I’m using my tablet to […]

French Vacation

I’m off for a week of fine wine, good food and hopefully some waves that I haven’t surfed before in France. I’ve been to France plenty of times before, it being the standard destination for any young British surfer wanting some decent waves over summer, but I’ve only once surfed further North than Hossegor. This […]

Wavelength Seeks Crowd Funding – Possible Surf Photography Workshop

I’m about to put up a review of Blurb’s magazine printing service (might take a while as there’s surf this week) which goes into detail about how I enjoy printed magazines, obviously touching on how many seem to be disappearing at the moment, well UK magazine Wavelength have just launched a campaign on to […]

Updates From The Channel – Via Stab Mag

It isn’t the first iPhone shot I’ve seen sent directly from the line-up but it’s an interesting one, taken by photographer (and Quiksilver Marketing guy) Nic Dazet from the channel at Belharra (French big wave spot): It’s a shot of the back of a Canon 5D Mark III, that’s a £2200 camera body and […]

Learning Surf Photography – New Years Resolutions

These are my main goals for the website in 2014, as well as some more personal aims which I hope will keep me progressing with photography myself. Create an e-mail newsletter for subscribers Add a series of instructional posts on the fundamentals of surf photography Offer some useful downloads for sale Re-design the navigation […]

Surfer Magazine Best Photo’s of 2013 – Deeper Analysis

By now you’ve probably seen quite a few best of 2013 style posts, I’ve already mentioned The inertia and Stab Mag’s offerings on, but this one from Surfer magazine is especially interesting to budding surf photographers and definitely warrants a deeper analysis: For starters, all the images are first class, with many of […]

The Inertia Surf Portfolio Challenge 2013

I’ve not put up many posts about The Inertia, the last one was actually a best of round up from 2012, so this it’s almost a tradition to highlight their yearly highlights from the surf photography world. This time it’s in the form of a competition, you get to vote for the best photographer […]

Riptide Magazine Photographer of the Year – Nominees

Bodyboarding magazine Riptide has announced the nominees for their photographer of the year: They are: Rod Owen, Luke Shadbolt, Sacha Specker, Phil Gallagher and Ray Collins. If you like any of the photo’s I’d recommend right clicking on them and selecting “view image”, this will open them up a bit bigger than the default […]

Surf Photo’s For Philippines

This a great idea from Greg Martin: Make a donation, get a hi-res surf photo from a top UK photographer to make a personal print with, read more about it here: The official Facebook page is here: It’s only for 48 hours which started yesterday at 6pm so you’ve got until tomorrow […]

Kelly Slater at Backdoor – Lots of Photographers

This photo, taken by Ryan Miller and featured on Stab Mag, shows what an average day on the North shore of Hawaii is like for a water photographer, pretty hectic. Notice the GoPro in Kellys hand (with what looks like a bobber handle on it), and a couple being wielded by the photographers too […]

DPReview – Top 5 Waterproof Cameras for 2013

This post wont be for everyone who reads this site, but if you’re just starting out, or if you currently don’t have a water housing for your camera, a waterproof camera is worth considering, especially as a backup or travel camera that compliments your current set-up. The number one is, predictably, the Nikon AW1, […]

Gallery – Teaser Images For Upcoming Posts

The surf was small and off shore this weekend so I took the opportunity to take plenty of photo’s, I’ll be writing up a few posts that I’ve been meaning to get around to for a while this week hopefully, so for now you get a little teaser of the forthcoming posts in the form […]

GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 3+ Pistol Grip Triggers – Which Is Best?

UPDATE: you can now watch my review video where I compare the SPL Dome Port and housing system with the KNEKT GPLT trigger system. One of the drawbacks when using my GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition for taking still surf photo’s was the lack of a pistol grip shutter release, there are other drawbacks which […]

18 Seconds Magazine – Dark Chambers – Surf Photographer Special

I’ve posted before about the excellent galleries and photographer interviews in 18 seconds magazine, well Issue number 19, titled Dark Chambers, is a full photographer special, featuring an introduction by Lee Pegus, and interviews with Jon Frank, Ted Grambeau, Peter “Joli” Wilson, Sean Davey, Nate Smith, Andrew Shield, Andrew “Shorty” Buckley, Chris Burkard and Bill […]

Photo’s from the Weekend on Magicseaweed

There’s a couple of my photo’s on the Magicseaweed home page today, taken at Putsborough in North Devon, I’d only surfed there once before and it was pretty average, so it was a nice surprise to find some decent waves down there on Sunday. Check them out: This one is from the beach, shot […]

Sanuk Photo Contest – win a trip to Hawaii and a photo shoot with Brian Bielman

An interesting photo contest popped up on my facebook feed a couple of days ago, it’s being run by Sanuk footwear, the grand prize includes a trip to Hawaii for 4 days including a surf photography lesson with Brian Bielman. You can find all the details here: Basically tag your photo on instagram with […]

Essex Announce New Ports for Slant-X Housing

The Slant-X housing system from Essex gets more interesting with the announcement of new ProDome ports: The range of modular parts is widening and the promise of control backs for new cameras is sure to encourage people into buying into the Slant-X housing. If I was a professional who upgraded camera body and lenses […]

Nikon AW1 – New Waterproof Mirrorless Camera

Check out the announcement made today by Nikon, a waterproof (to 15 metres) interchangeable lens camera, it shoots 15 fps with continuous autofocus and a mental 60fps with single autofocus. More on Dpreview here: There are two waterproof lenses for it at the moment, the kit zoom 11-27mm (30-74mm equiv) and a wide prime […]

Been Surfing

The posts have dried up a little bit over the last week, simply because there has finally been some surf in the SW of the UK after a couple of weeks of flatness, now it looks like another dry spell for swell over the next week so I’ll be updating a bit more regularly again. […]

New GoPro App and Firmware Update

GoPro recently released an update for their iOS and Android App, so once you update your camera’s firmware you now have access to a live preview of what you’re filming and, best of all, you can play back or transfer files via WiFi to your phone or tablet. Full details: Here’s the launch video: […]

Transworld Surf No Longer a Print Magazine

Fairly recently there was a bit of a merger in the print world which meant Surfer, Surfing and Transworld Surf were all owned my grind media, the news broke a couple of days ago that they would not be continuing to print Transworld surf, it will remain as a website. It’s not that surprising […]

Flickr Facelift

I’ve just noticed that Flickr has had a huge facelift, my photostream page now looks pretty awesome, but it does reflect the fact that I’ve not taken many (publicly accessible) surfing photo’s recently. I love my Flickr Pro account but I don’t use the social features very much, hopefully this re-design and the better mobile […]

Liquid Eye Release The C1600 – a new budget water housing

Check out this post on the Surf Photographers United forum from Philippe Chevodian of Liquid Eye housings which highlights their latest budget housing design, it features a permanently attached pistol grip and the standard removable front plate. The big story though is the price of the housing: US $795, (about £520) so even with […]

Art8 Festival – Surf Photography Workshop with Mike Searle – Newquay April 12th

Mike Searle is running a surf photography workshop in Newquay on Friday April the 12th, 10:00-12:00, it’s part of the ART8 festival, more details here: Here’s a brief description of the event from the website: A two-hour workshop run by Carve and SurfGirl photographer Mike Searle. This is an experiential workshop and weather and […]

Paul Fenrich’s Nazare Post

paulfenrich: There have been a lot of photos floating about this week from the monster swell hitting Praia do Norte, Nazaré in Portugal. These two pics show something with interests me a lot… Background compression when shooting at a long focal length. Wide angle lenses increase distances from subject to background, telephotos compress, making shots like these dramatic and compelling. Pics […]

Learning Surf Photography: Starting Out

My name is Ben Pascoe, I have been surfing for around 20 years and for about 15 years I have been documenting my hobby with a variety of cameras and camcorders, most recently I have been using GoPro cameras and Canon DSLR’s. I’ve recently got myself a decent water housing and upgraded my DSLR so […]