GoPro Hero 4 Session – Massive price drop

As reported on TechCrunch, the news that the Hero 4 session was being slashed in price probably didn’t come as a surprise to any learning surf photography readers.

Here’s what I wrote about the Hero 4 session when it was announced in my post called “Don’t buy a GoPro Hero 4 session”:

So this camera is worse in nearly every way to a 10 month old camera (Hero 4 Silver), and they’re charging the same price for it. I’m confused. I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing them for significantly less at Christmas (especially if a Hero 5 range is out by then), the RRP should be about $299, not $399.

I was wrong about one thing – the price drop is much bigger than I thought, it is now available for $199.99, that’s half the price for a camera that was brand new less than 6 months ago.

I used to work at magicseaweed and we sold GoPro cameras, I pretty much gaurantee that many retailers paid more than $199 for the first lot of Hero 4 session cameras that they bought from GoPro, so I fully expect GoPro to be giving back some money, or offering some serious discounts off forthcoming Hero 5 stock to anyone who got stitched up by their pricing mistake.

Here’s the Hero 4 session page on as of 5 minutes ago:

The GoPro Hero 4 Session has dropped in price so much that second hand options are more expensive than new on Amazon

Used cameras for $220, brand new for $199, what a kick in the teeth for all those customers who bought into the marketing nonsense when this camera came out.

Hopefully you read my post and thought twice about buying one, the Hero4 Silver is $329.99 still, remember that came out 10 months before the Hero 4 session.

Should I buy a GoPro Hero 4 Session camera now?

The last line of my pre release blog post said:

Basically I could forgive all of these issues if it was sold at a budget friendly price, but it’s the same price as the Hero 4 Silver!

Well, now it’s half the original price it’s actually a really good choice for a lot of people, although I’d still go for the Hero 4 Silver if you’ve got the cash, the fact you can use it with KNEKT’s accessories is probably worth the extra by itself.

My only hope is that there’s going to be something pretty huge coming from GoPro very soon, I’ve got an inkling that the Hero 5 range is going a significant improvement over the Hero 4, it’ll either be interchangeable lenses, actual manual control over settings or (I hope) both.

If they just release a slight improvement (Hero 4+) and some drones I will definitely be sticking with what I have (and love using every time I go to the beach) for the foreseeable future.

I’m going to update my GoPro buyers guide very soon and hopefully in a brand new way, so keep posted if you want to know which GoPro to buy.

Lleave a comment or send me an email ( if you want some more personal advice from someone who’s used nearly all of them.


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