GoPro Pistol Grip Triggers – Video Review Featuring SPL and KNEKT

You might have seen my post about the options you have for GoPro pistol grip triggers, this style of trigger makes it much easier to shoot photos in the surf by offering a more intuitive pistol style shutter release.

I’ve assembled the top four options for anyone shooting surf photo’s with a GoPro and I’ve personally used each one to find out which option is going to be best for you.

Watch the video to find out all about the various GoPro pistol grip triggers:

I recorded the video before GoPro had officially announced the new GoPro Hero 4 and GoPro Hero cameras, but as you can see in the video I can confirm that all three new cameras will work with the KNEKT GPLT trigger and the two new Hero 4 cameras, both the silver and black editions, will work with the SPL housing system too (although you won’t be able to see the LCD screen on the silver edition obviously).

Find the links to the products I’m talking about in the video below, the links to Amazon are affiliate links, the cost is the same to you but I earn a small commission on any purchases made through the link which helps me cover the costs of running the site and allows me to provide more reviews and posts like this one in the future.

If you do end up going for the SPL or KNEKT options please let them know that you heard about the products on, they have both generously provided these products as review samples and I’d love to work with them in the future to bring you more independent reviews like this one.

Some of the product photos in the video are taken from the following Instagram feeds:


I highly recommend the KNEKT GPLT trigger, after using the product it’s clear that the attention to detail is excellent, it looks great and is simple and effective at what it needs to do, I’m really looking forward to seeing what they come up with next. The customer service is also excellent and even though it was shipped from Hawaii to the UK it arrived quickly and in perfect shape in a tidy box with instructions.

The SPL is a great housing system, it’s been well thought out and it offers the only way to get a true over/under set-up for your GoPro right now, if you want to stand out from all the other GoPro shooters this is one of the only ways to make your shots look unique.

If you’ve got any questions about the GoPro pistol triggers featured, or if you’ve got a suggestion for a product you’d like to see me review next time let me know in the comments below, or via e-mail at