Interesting Over/Under Port Set-up

I saw this link pop up on my Instagram feed, photographer Ash Murray is selling a unique camera, housing and Over/Under port combo, so if you’re interested in stepping up your over/under game then get in touch with him:

I’ve used a Canon 60D and a Tokina 10-17mm fisheye before and it’s a great option for anyone looking for a good DSLR for surf photography.

Dave Kelly housings are well regarded and although I haven’t used one I’ve written about them before and I’m sure that it would be a good option for shooting surf.

The main item here though is the unique Monitor port, it’s an over/under port which I guess is made from an old monitor housing, or maybe it just looks a lot like it, either way it’s not something I’ve seen before, I think it would be great for flat water and especially swimming pools for fashion style shoots, where it would be easy to set-up the shot with such a large port.

If you’re interested in getting half and half style shots showing above and below the water in the same image then there’s a few alternative options.

Over/Under Port Alternatives

I use an 8″ dome port on my Aquatech housing, and most other manufacturers will offer something similar for their housing systems, read up on why you need this style of port in my Water Housing Users Guide part 2: which port should I use?

If you have a GoPro and want to try out this style of photography you can go with the KNEKT dome (currently sold out but should be available again soon) or SPL.

Should you be on a tight budget you could check out Ian Matsko’s DIY GoPro Dome design, and if even that is a bit steep for you you should keep an eye out on the site because soon I’ll be bringing you a cheaper option that a reader sent in that will let you try out this style of shot with your GoPro.

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