Liquid Eye C6000 – a surf water housing for the Sony a6000

Here’s a quick update for everyone out there with a Sony a6000. The Liquid Eye C6000 is from respected water housing manufacturer Liquid Eye. They have added a couple of photos to Instagram showing what looks like a nearly complete Sony a6000 water housing.

Here are the photos:

Liquid Eye C6000

And some other details that have been confirmed in comments:

  • Price – around $600 US
  • Compatible with the Rokinon/Bower/Samyang 8mm fisheye with a dome port being made available for around $150 very soon.
  • Flat port supports Zeiss 32mm as pictured

There’s also a pistol grip which has appeared in photos before.

It looks like it’s a very tight fit for the a6000’s body – so whether it will also support the new Sony a6300 is not clear.

Liquid Eye C6000

When I know more, I’ll post it here, but it looks promising for the first off the shelf a6000 surf housing (you can already get a custom housing from HCW or CMT).

Find out more about the various options on the dedicated a6000 water housing page.


    1. Hi Ben,
      I don’t know if it will work yet, although the height and width of the a6300 are the same as the a6000 it’s a few mm thicker, so it could need a different back plate.

      There’s a chance that the ports on the side have moved too which might cause more issues.

      I presume there will be word from Liquid Eye once it’s released to let everyone know, there’s going to be a lot of a6300 users around fairly soon so if it doesn’t work in this housing I expect there will be another one which will support the new camera.

  1. Liquideye just put up a pic on their instagram of some of these housings, and mentioned that an a6300 housing would be ready in june. Also that the two stage pistol grips are $150.

    1. Thanks George,
      I saw the photo on Instagram, looks interesting, I’m preparing another update post on the latest a6000 housings as there’s a couple of new options it seems, so watch out for that soon.

  2. Hello all, here is Phil from Liquid eye.

    The C6000 housing is a glove fit for the A6000. Unfortunately it cannot fit the A6300 because of several differences. First the A6300 is 3,7mm thicker than the A6000. It is also slightly higher and wider ( a few microns extra). The two top dials are not spotted exactly at the same place. The lens is a bit lower and to the left on the A6300. That is why we designed another water housing called the C6300. It will fit perfectly the A6300. The controls will be the same than on the C6000.

    On/off control. Manual shutter release, most of the controls on the back are available. Proprietary 2 stage trigger on the optional pistol grip at only 150 USD extra. The C6300 will also have an additional go-pro mount feature on the top of the housing as many of our team testers required for it. This extra feature should be added on the C6000 for the next generation.

    The price of the C6300 will be the same as the C6000.

    It may vary depending on your world location but will be around 600 USD including the C6300 with all the controls plus one small flat port which can accommodate the 32mm Touit Zeiss lens and equivalent sized lenses plus the 16-50 kit lens with the zoom control fully operational. A new pistol grip in in development and will be attached to the C6300 for an extra cost of 150 USD or you region equivalent price.

    We do believe we are making here a state of the art water housing at an unbeatable price. Liquid Eye is proud to offer this very affordable priced water housing to every pro or seasoned photographer.

    If you have any question, please feel free to ask on our contact page. The website will be modified soon but even if you do not see the Sony housings for the moment on the website we will answer to your questions.

    Thank you all for reading this answer.

    1. Thanks Phil,

      Great to get more information on it and looking forward to more info on your website about the C6000 and C6300.

      Seems like the two cameras are a bit more different than I thought.

    2. Hey, I have the a6300 and would love to buy your housing, but the website will not work. I have tried it on 7 devices and all of them say that the page cannot load because of too many redirects. Any advice?

      1. Hello,
        Yes some apprentice made our new website and it seems some people have issues to connect.
        Please send an email to
        You should get a reply within 72H. If you do not get any reply send an email to :

        Sorry for this bug.
        We will try to fix it asap.

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