One Shot – Russel Ord documentary review

Summary: 5 out of 5, must see! Buy this excellent short film about surf photography right now.

I’ve been waiting for Russel Ord’s documentary “One Shot” to be released for a while. I’d seen the trailer and read about the project in The Surfer’s Journal, so when a link popped up on LinkedIn whilst I was at work today I immediately bought it.

It turns out that it’s only just become available for international viewers, but it aired in Australia on ABC in March this year.

It’s available on Vimeo, which is my favourite video on demand platform. You can buy it or rent it, but you’d be an idiot to rent it when it only costs an unbelievable £3.99 (~$5) to buy!

If you’re a surf photographer there’s no excuse not to buy it right now, it’s just a bonus that it’s exceptionally well produced and features some legendary surf photographers, and incredible cinematography too!

There’s stirring music and sincere voice overs, but thanks to Ord’s personality shining through, especially in the candid moments, it never goes too far.

The training sequences are great, and although you might have seen some of the action before, the voice over and in-between-waves clips give you much more of a feeling of being there than you get from a typical surf edit.

You’d think genuinely touching moments would be hard to find in a documentary about surf photography, but there’s at least a couple of scenes that will put a lump in your throat.

You should go and buy it now.

5 out of 5, must see.

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