For sale: CMT water housing for Sony a6000

Summary: For sale – Used CMT water housing for Sony a6000 with pistol grip and dome port – located in New Jersey, USA, price: $1100 US

I get asked quite often about second hand housings for the Sony a6000, so hopefully there’s a few people interested in this CMT housing that reader Andrew has for sale. Here’s Andrew’s description, some photos and his contact details if you’re interested:

Awesome condition CMT housing. Less than a year old. Made of custom carbon fiber. One of the lightest housings on the market. I have never had any issues. Clark Little uses CMT in the Hawaiian shorebreak.
Setup includes-
  • CMT custom Sony a6000 housing (shutter button on top)
  • 2 Stage Pistol Grip
  • A dome port (fits kit lens, sony 28mm, sony 35mm, Zeiss 35mm, most sigma, and plenty of others)
  • Custom Back Plate with iso, shutter, aperture and other controls. (really your choice as you can set custom controls for certain buttons and dials on the a6000)
  • 5 bolts (and some extras) , CMT leash, side handle, CMT dome neoprene cover and already attached GoPro mount.
Asking- $1100 US
(want to sell quick so I can adjust/feel free to counter offer me and we can work on it)
This setup is super new and I wish I could keep it but I need to sell it for work reasons. I want to make sure this housing goes to the right person and I’m very willing to work with you on every aspect.
The housing is currently at CMT getting cleaned up so I can ship it out.
Im selling from New Jersey, USA. Willing to send internationally but shipping $ will go up.
Email if interested or have questions-

CMT water housing for Sony a6000 - front view

CMT water housing for Sony a6000 - side view

CMT water housing for Sony a6000 - dome port

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