The Best Swim Fins for Surf Photography

Swim fins are an essential part of a surf photographers equipment.

I’ve been using swim fins for about 25 years and I’ve been through more than my fair share. I dug around in my garage and pulled out some of the swim fins that I’ve still got handy to show you the differences between the options and which ones work best for you.

Swim Fins: Fit is key!

Having swim fins that don’t fit properly is the worst experience. Your feet will cramp up if they’re too small and you’ll get really bad rubs if they’re too big.

Getting the right size is not straightforward unless you can try different fins on. If you have as good local surf shop then head down there and try on every different swim fin they have in stock, getting the best fit is the most important thing you can do.

If you don’t have a local surf shop then you’ll need to order at least a couple of styles of fins and ideally some different sizes too if it’s your first pair of swim fins.

Here are the links to all the swim fins I mention in the video, try and grab a couple of these to try on if it’s your first pair:


My favourite Swim Fins

My favourite pair of swim fins are the Da Fin Kicks. They’re light, comfortable and plenty powerful.

Here’s a gallery showing off my favourites in various places.

My feet are probably a bit wider and than average for their length I think, so if that’s you I’d look at the Da Fin range. If you have longer, narrower feet you might be better off looking at something like the original style Viper fins, they’re the narrowest I’ve used myself.

Are there any fins that I’ve left out?

Do you have a favourite pair that you use for surf photography that I haven’t mentioned?

Leave a comment below, or send me an email at, I’d be interested to hear about any new options.


  1. Heya Ben! Just wanted to thank you for the useful article/video. I’ve always taken my images from the land but have recently been interested in exploring this side of surf photography. I appreciate the information, cheers!

    1. Hi Carla, glad the site is useful.
      I’ve not used those fins, or heard of them. They look like they’re designed for swim training in a pool, rather than for use in the waves in the sea.

      I’d go for a pair that are designed for bodysurfing or bodyboarding, they’re going to stand up better to the extra forces you’ll experience in the surf.

      Fit is the most important factor, so whatever you end up choosing, make sure you can try them on and return them if they don’t fit well. If you’re going to use any sort of wetsuit sock underneath, make sure you try them on with the socks on too.

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