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Stabmag Photolyfe Features: Catching Up

I’m on catchup with Stab’s Photolyfe series, here are the four latest instalments: Clark Little: http://stabmag.com/photolyfe-clark-little/ Domenic Mosqueira: http://stabmag.com/photolyfe-domenic-mosqueira/ Ryan “Chachi” Craig: http://stabmag.com/photolyfe-ryan-chachi-craig/ Damea Dorsey: http://stabmag.com/photolyfe-damea-dorsey/ All worth a look if you haven’t been keeping up with them, my favourite is Ryan Craig’s, some awesome photo’s and be sure to read down to the comments […]

Shooting The Curl with Clark Little

There’s a few interesting articles on the Nikon USA website which involve surf photography, this is one of them: http://www.nikonusa.com/en/Learn-And-Explore/Article/g588ow0j/shooting-the-curl-gets-a-whole-new-meaning.html You can see a whole lot of Clarks shots in the gallery, I’d recommend scrolling down a little further and playing the video for his description of the images so you can listen whilst clicking […]

Surf Photographer’s Websites

This list of surf photographers websites will be updated on a semi regular basis, whenever I mention a new surf photographer in a post I will put their website address here. They are presented in alphabetical order (by surname) so it’s easy to find a name if you’re looking for it. It’s been a couple […]

Surf Photography Inspiration – Top 5: Instagram

Think back to the first surf photo that you stared at and thought, I want to take a photo like that. That’s what myInspiring Top 5’s posts are about, finding the photographs that make you want to get out there and create your own. I will add some more top 5 lists in different categories, […]