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360 degree video: the best camera for surf

360 degree video is poised to be the next big thing in content creation, with Virtual Reality (VR) experiences moving into the mainstream and people tiring of the same old angles it’s a natural progression for any sort of first person point of view style footage and action sports like surfing in particular. Why is […]

GoPro Surf Team Grows

GoPro are expanding their team of sponsored surfers, as reported on Stabmag.com GoPro’s video of the day features one of the new riders Chippa Wilson: The new members of GoPro Surf team are all listed in Stabs post, there’s a lot of them, and GoPro is a big sponsor of the ASP tour too, so […]

Mikala Jones Board Cam on Surfers Journal

I ended up on The Surfer’s Journal website the other day, after listening to the excellent interview with Steve Pezman on the Surf Splendor podcast. The first thumbnail that caught my eye features Mikala Jones and accompanies this article: http://www.surfersjournal.com/mikala-jones-bali-1 You’ve probably seen Mikala Jones‘ self shot GoPro videos, and the article talks about his […]

Tim Nunn on Action Cameras

Here’s a couple of links to Errantsurf.com, one that will be interesting if you haven’t already bought into the GoPro range of action cameras, and another that is worth a read whichever tiny video camera you’ve ended up with. The Top Six Action Cameras: http://blog.errantsurf.com/2014/03/top-six-surfing-action-cams/ Tim Nunn does a good job describing the attributes of […]

Surf Video – GoPro POV Vs Traditional Videographers Angles

Here’s a quick one, a few videos have popped up on Stab Mag and other places recently which highlight the differences between GoPro self shot footage and more traditional angles. The latest one features Nathaniel Curran: Inner Views from Kyle MacLennan on Vimeo. Here’s Stab’s caption: We live in a time an age where anybody […]

Learning Drone Photography Part 1 – Quadcopter Basics

You might have noticed me mentioning a new toy of mine, a Blade 350QX quad-copter, I’ve been fascinated with the possibilities for aerial photography (and videography) for a while, I purchased a helicopter to try and get air born but never got further than the simulator on my computer, it’s incredibly hard to fly a […]

Gallery – Teaser Images For Upcoming Posts

The surf was small and off shore this weekend so I took the opportunity to take plenty of photo’s, I’ll be writing up a few posts that I’ve been meaning to get around to for a while this week hopefully, so for now you get a little teaser of the forthcoming posts in the form […]

GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 3+ Pistol Grip Triggers – Which Is Best?

UPDATE: you can now watch my review video where I compare the SPL Dome Port and housing system with the KNEKT GPLT trigger system. One of the drawbacks when using my GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition for taking still surf photo’s was the lack of a pistol grip shutter release, there are other drawbacks which […]

GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition Review (Part 1 – Stills)

You can read my first post on the GoPro Hero 3+ for my first impressions on the camera and housing, this first part of the in depth review will focus on the stills that you can capture with the Hero 3+ Black Edition, and how they compare to something taken with a DSLR in a […]

New GoPro App and Firmware Update

GoPro recently released an update for their iOS and Android App, so once you update your camera’s firmware you now have access to a live preview of what you’re filming and, best of all, you can play back or transfer files via WiFi to your phone or tablet. Full details: http://gopro.com/software-app/gopro-app?utm_source=update&utm_medium=email&utm_content=gopro-app-update-2-top-image-learn-more-row&utm_campaign=gopro-app-update-2-row#COMPATIBILITY Here’s the launch video: […]

How To – Produce a short video clip for the web

Even if you’ve never edited video before it’s pretty easy to get a simple surf video up online for everyone to see, it’s something anyone learning surf photography will eventually want to do so I’ll show you how. This is my latest video, I wanted to get it on line quickly so my friends who […]

Learning Surf Photography: Starting Out

My name is Ben Pascoe, I have been surfing for around 20 years and for about 15 years I have been documenting my hobby with a variety of cameras and camcorders, most recently I have been using GoPro cameras and Canon DSLR’s. I’ve recently got myself a decent water housing and upgraded my DSLR so […]