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Shooting a Modern Surf Trip on Film with Jon Frank, Ted Grambeau and Brian Bielmann

If you’re reading this website it probably means you’re relatively new to surf photography, like me, and in turn that means that I can almost guarantee you shoot with a digital camera. I don’t blame you, shooting with film is hard and expensive, digital is easy and cheap, it seems like there’s no sensible reason […]

Stab Mag – Photo Lyfe – Quinn Matthews

There’s a new Photo Lyfe article on Stab Mag and it features young photographer Quinn Matthews. http://stabmag.com/photolyfe-quinn-matthews It’s worth a look for some inspiration, basically the photographers all answer the same questions with a photo, one of the images has featured on this site before, from way back in 2012 when it appeared in the […]

Updates From The Channel – Via Stab Mag

It isn’t the first iPhone shot I’ve seen sent directly from the line-up but it’s an interesting one, taken by photographer (and Quiksilver Marketing guy) Nic Dazet from the channel at Belharra (French big wave spot): http://stabmag.com/a-brief-update-from-the-channel-of-belharra/ It’s a shot of the back of a Canon 5D Mark III, that’s a £2200 camera body and […]

Stab Mag’s 25 Best Full Frames of 2013

It’s the time of year for 1013 best of round-ups, and Stab Mag’s is a good one to browse through if you’re after some inspiration for surf photography. http://stabmag.com/the-25-best-full-frames-of-2013/ I like this one by Laserwolf in particular because you can see another photographer in the foreground (Could be Zak Noyle?) with what looks like a […]

Surf Video – GoPro POV Vs Traditional Videographers Angles

Here’s a quick one, a few videos have popped up on Stab Mag and other places recently which highlight the differences between GoPro self shot footage and more traditional angles. The latest one features Nathaniel Curran: Inner Views from Kyle MacLennan on Vimeo. Here’s Stab’s caption: We live in a time an age where anybody […]

Kelly Slater at Backdoor – Lots of Photographers

This photo, taken by Ryan Miller and featured on Stab Mag, shows what an average day on the North shore of Hawaii is like for a water photographer, pretty hectic. http://stabmag.com/kelly-slater-vogue-at-backdoor-hawaii/ Kelly Slater and Photographers, Photo by Ryan Miller via Stab mag Notice the GoPro in Kellys hand (with what looks like a bobber handle […]