Tim Nunn: One Session in Full

If you’re in anyway interested in surf water photography this is a must read:


ChrisClarkeTimNunnThis is Chris Clarke, photo: Tim Nunn

In the blog post Tim Nunn presents the best shot from every individual wave throughout a whole session, it looks like the spot was Bagpipes in Scotland, I’ve been to the spot and surfed a nearby right hander, unfortunately the swell didn’t get big enough for this spot to turn on but I could see the potential.

Doesn’t matter if I’m out of position, the wave is rubbish or the surfer screws it up, this is the best frame, from 28 waves shot over two hours

I assume this was a particularly productive shoot, you can see who’s riding in the various images and which one’s have appeared in print, out of 28 waves 5 of them ended up being printed, that’s pretty amazing to me.

The post underlines one lesson that I’ve learnt recently, try and hold back on shooting too many photo’s, if you can make sure you only get the good shots you’ll save yourself a lot of time going through the photo’s afterwards.

I’m still in the trial and error phase of water photography so it’s hard to judge what will work and what won’t, looking at this post reminds me I’ve got a long way to go, I think if I did the same thing there’s be a lot more useless shots in there. I look forward to seeing more of this type of post in the future.

Also – I recently bought Tim Nunns book Numb – it’s got some amazing photos and (missing from many similar books) some great written content too, when I’ve got through it I’ll put a full review up.

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