18 Seconds Magazine number 17: Nate Smith Feature

The latest issue of on line surf magazine 18 seconds is out, read it here:


I’ve had a quick browse, my favourite bits include a snippet from page 35/36 featuring surf photographer Ed Sloane writing about shooting photo’s in the Australian state of Victoria, it sounds quite a lot like the UK for variety of weather and surf, just more consistent.


But page 59-86 is the real reason to check it out as a surf photographer, there’s a nice interview with veteran photographer Nate Smith, the interview is good and covers the gear, starting out and more without getting boring or off topic.

The best thing about the magazine is the series of spreads that follow the interview which feature some amazing photo’s with audio captions by Nate himself, describing the shot and the circumstances, they’re brief but I’d recommend anyone reading this blog to check them all out for some first hand insight into making good surf photo’s.


I also really like the web viewer they use (zmags.com), no fancy page turning stuff, just full screen layout with intuitive navigation, very clean and easy to flick through.

So check it out, if you only have a few minutes skim the rest then read/listen to page 59-86.


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