Aerial Style Photo – Saunton

I will be putting up a post about my new quadcopter soon, and as I was working on it I realised I already had a few shots from the aerial angle that I didn’t need any extra devices to capture.

Occasionally I go to North Devon to visit my in laws, each time I go I seem to end up making the journey to Croyde, it’s usually the best option for waves when there’s not a huge swell, and despite the overwhelming crowds I usually end up having an OK surf there but I’m yet to get any nice photo’s that I’m really happy with.

On the way to or from Croyde you pass Saunton sands, and along the cliff road there’s a couple of spots you can stop and take photo’s from that give you a birds eye view of the line-up, so often I’ll park up and spend a couple of minutes watching the surfers and snapping a few shots.

Longboarder at Saunton Sands
Longboarder at Saunton Sands

This one’s probably my favourite and it’s from my most recent trip, I like the portrait orientation on this one, giving you a view of the whole set of waves and a bunch of the water users enjoying themselves, the dude on the longboard styling his bottom turn makes it though, I thought about cropping the very top white water wave as it was a bit distracting, but I actually like the guy all the way up there in the shallows, you can see all the stages of a session from paddling out, waiting patiently to taking off in the one image.


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