Aquatech release Canon 1DX and 1DC Housing

This isn’t really a budget option, with the professional Canon 1DX body starting at about £5,000 and the 1DC body about £10,000, they’re not in hobbyist territory.

But what interests me is one of the new features on this housing, a zoom control built into the housing rather than the lens port.


Information is typically scarce concerning the new release but here’s Aquatech’s bit of blurb from their Facebook page:

Introducing the all new AquaTech Delphin 1D for the Canon 1Dx and 1Dc. This is first release of the new range featuring the new zoom control on housing and loads of new features.

A zoom (and maybe focus too) control like this has obvious advantages over having to have it built into the port, being able to use the zoom or focus ring on any lens is a big advantage for surf photographers and videographers.

It reminds me of the highly regarded Liquid Eye zoom control and the zoom/focus control on my old Ikelite dive housing, both are built into the housing body and operate independently of the port using a simple gear sleeve around the lens.

Also planned, according to Instagram, are new style housings for the Canon 5dmk3 and the Nikon D4, D800 and D600.

Hopefully the technology will filter down to the more affordable housings or prompt other manufacturers to offer something similar, otherwise I’ll be waiting for the 1DX to become obsolete for professionals so I can pick one up second hand, should only be 10 years I reckon.


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