Close Up Surf Photography

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Raw Transcript

we’re looking at getting a little bit more creative now going beyond the the basic sharp action photo surfing so one thing I like to do especially with a longer lens in the water so whether that’s a 55 210 7200 or 60 ml prime lens I like to try and get a real close-up of part of the action which you wouldn’t necessarily normally concentrate on so I’m not talking about someone’s face for instance while they’re getting chewed or that might be quite funny but I’m talking about someone’s feet positioning on a board if you can get get looking down onto that deck of that board and zoom right in and sometimes there’ll be something interesting going with the water sometimes it all I mean a lot of these times this kind of more creative side is a is hit and miss and you might come back with a bunch of stuff that you just delete straight away because you just haven’t got it in focus or something hasn’t gone quite right but sometimes you get something that’s really great so I think getting that that extreme closeup is a refund challenging thing to do once you’re in the water and you out there experimenting so so tips for doing that you need to get that bit closer so you need to position yourself closer than you would do normally with a longer lens if I found it’s best to do this not at the start of a session I’m generally kind of warm up move a session and get a bunch of shots that I’m like okay I’ve got a bunch of shots I can show especially if you know the surfers you want to get at least a couple of each of them bottom turning or doing something because you know then you’ve got something to show for it you can say here’s the shots I took of you but if you get something really special something they might not be interested in then then it can it can really make a session for you so I think you get that bit closer now the thing to watch out for is the long lens especially if you’re close to the action you’re gonna get hit by the wave quite often it’s quite you you would find yourself preoccupied with getting that shot and often you’ll get bashed by the wave as it goes past because you don’t realize it’s quite as close do you think as you were expecting it to be so I think I’d recommend trying it out I reckon you can get some super fun shots especially empty waves as well zoom right in have a look at some of Rey Collins’s photos and lots of other stock Bros or put some links below to photographers who who have used this technique but I think it’s it’s really fascinating seeing something from that different point of view and zooming right in is one of those fairly easy things you can do which separates your shots from other people’s so yeah that’s that’s it in a nutshell try getting an extreme closeup of the action especially from the water it’s different this is like a unique shot in a lot of cases





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