Eugene Tan – Aquabumps – Canon Promo Video

You’ve probably heard of Aquabumps, I follow on facebook and regularly see photo’s on magicseaweed, well here’s an inspirational video featuring Eugene Tan, the photographer behind Aquabumps, which focuses on his surfing and wave shooting and especially the Canon gear he uses in that process.

The bit I like the most is the shot of him using the Aquatech housing for his Canon 1DX with the pole extension, instead of using this to get an elevated view above the regular photographers eye level he uses it upside down in the small shorebreak to make it easier to get in the barrel and underwater shots.

Eugene Tan from Aquabumps getting the shot
Eugene Tan from Aquabumps getting the shot

Have a watch, check out the video and the Aquabumps site, it’s sure to inspire you, even if it’s just to get you down to the beach nice and early for the best light.

And here’s a nice bonus, a video from a couple of years ago of Eugene talking you through the process of shooting on the beach, especially sun rise shots, he mentions that he uses ND filters a bit, I actually picked up a cheap ND filter recently to try out a couple of different ideas I had, I haven’t shot anything surf related with it yet but when I do I’ll stick up a post on it.

His tips for shooting surf are good, getting different angles, when to shoot in the sea etc. so well worth a watch for anyone wanting to learn a bit more about surf photography from someone who’s made it his business.

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