Eugene Tans Surf Photography Masterclass

Following up from the recent post featuring Eugene Tan in a Canon video, here’s an interview from a few months back on British newspaper The Telegraph’s website, the sub title is: “How to excel at surf photography”

Photo by Eugene Tan
Photo by Eugene Tan

There’s the basic stuff like equipment for shooting in the water and from land, he’s obviously not going into much detail on this bit and I think it suffers, he saysd for instance that for shooting from the land you’d need a minimum of a 400mm lens, if he had more time to take into account cropped sensors and the myriad other factors involved I suspect he’d come up with something like Tim Nunns post on long lenses.

The other tips are concise and very sensible, my favourite is this one:

Shoot a lot. I shoot every day. I love it and believe I will always shoot daily. Be consistent.

Definitely a great idea to shoot as much as possible, I definitely feel like I learn something every time I go out to shoot surfing and if I’ve had a few days in a  row the lessons I learned are much more easily applied as they’re fresh in my mind for the next shoot.

Recommended reading, it won’t take you long but it might get you thinking about how you can shoot better surf photographs.


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