Great Value Refurbished Canon Cameras via Ebay

I bought my refurbished Canon 60D via the Canon outlet on Ebay, it’s the second refurbished camera I’ve bought from them and I’ve not had any issues at all,they come with a years warranty from Canon.

Mine was an EOS 60D body only, they’re not currently available, they tend to go in and out of stock quickly, they recently listed a few interesting cameras if you’re looking to upgrade or start learning surf photography.

There’s the Canon 60D with 17-85mm IS lens for £635, I’ve got this camera and recently picked up the same lens too, it’s a great combo, probably not ideal for surf photography but I’ve grabbed it for more general purpose stuff and I’ve been really happy with the 60D body.


For a cheaper option the Canon 550D is available with the 18-55mm kit lens for £380, that’s a bargain for a really good camera, I had one for a couple of years and loved it, the video is amazing, it runs Magic Lantern and I got some really good photo’s with mine, it also works in the Aquatech CR-60 housing in case you know someone who has one.

Here’s a shot of James Diffey at Porthleven that I took with my 550D in the Aquatech housing:


If you want to go for the ultimate surf photog’s camera of choice there’s even some 7D’s available with the 18-135mm IS lens, I don’t know much about that lens but it goes for about £160 on ebay, the price is £900 for the kit so even if you sell on the lens and just keep the body you’re looking at £740 for a Canon 7D with a years warranty, expect to pay £1000 for a new one on line.

Get in there quick and grab a bargain while you can.

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