Inspiration – Movement Magazine Issue 41

I just received the last ever issue of Movement magazine, it’s got a hard cover and has some great features. The one that will be most interesting to anyone learning surf photography will be the first part of the evolution of a revolution article.

Movement Issue 41 from Movement Magazine on Vimeo.

In it some of the main photographers who have contributed to the magazine share their favourite images that they have taken, the best trip they’ve been on, the photo they wish they’d shot, lessons they’ve learnt and their opinion on the biggest changes in photography in the last 8 years.

Featured photographers are: Phil Gallagher, Rod Owen, Trent Mitchell and Luke Shadbolt. find the links to their websites on the surf photographers websites post.

There’s some really interesting answers and opinions, my favourite one which I will be thinking about next time I want to go shoot some photo’s is from Trent Mitchell, he says:

You don’t need to spend the whole day at the beach documenting everything because it’s not worth it. You should pick the right times to strike, is what I’ve learnt. Strike less and strike better

As with anyone (I think) picking up a new, exciting hobby, I’m keen to shoot a lot whenever there’s surf.

Someone asked me the other day at Bantham if we were taking turns with the camera and I truthfully responded that it was more fun shooting than surfing, it was small and clean with around 10 people in before work at dawn, I was happy not to be snaking and queueing for waves.

Since then we’ve had a pretty good run of swell and I got to surf quite a bit on my own at some decent bodyboarding waves, when the spot allowed me to leave the camera nearby I got out when the sun shone for a bit and took photo’s, then jumped back in on my board when it went in again. I snapped away on the way back from a session when the sun had come up after enjoying the pre dawn surf.

The chart looks pretty good for the start of the Christmas break and I should be able to investigate a few new areas and hopefully hit some of the old classics with friends so I will take Trent’s advice on board and shoot when the time is right and if the waves are decent I’ll surf.

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