Interviews with Phil Gallagher

This is an old video, but it’s worth a watch as the subject is Phil Gallagher (of Le Boogie magazine and Aquatech), and some of his photographs are mixed in with the interview.

Creative Interview with Phil Gallagher from The Friendly Faces (bodyboarding on Vimeo.

He talks about his book DLUX and how it came about, the genesis of Le Boogie magazine and there’s a bit about his experience as a freelance surf photographer.

If the publishing side of things interests you have a read of this interview from around the same time in which he also talks in a bit more detail about publishing the DLUX book:

The highlight for me is this exchange:

Did you study photography?

Not formally but I studied a lot of books and spent a lot of time asking questions and listening to the answers which in a way is what you would do at university I think. You never really know it all when it comes to photography as there is so many types and skills for any different moment or type of equipment to capture it with. So I am still learning everyday.

Sounds like many of the other interviews I’ve read and posted about here, the learn whilst doing attitude seems common amongst photographers, but Phil has identified the all important need for asking questions and listening to answers which is key to that process being successful.

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