Jeff Flindt’s Innovative Flash Housing Handle

I saw this post a while ago on the blog, it’s about a clever way of making it easier to shoot flash surf photo’s, especially in the tube, an idea that Jeff Flindt had and Dale Kobetich manufactured.


I can’t be certain about the credit for this photo’, obviously it’s from, and features Peter Mendia surfing, I think it was shot by DJ-Struntz, looking at the file name.

EDIT: The photo is taken by Jack English and that is DJ Struntz holding the water housing. Thanks for the clarification.

Here’s the link to the post:

It looks like the whole post is a bit of a dig at Dale Kobetich’s business practices, and you don’t have to look hard to find more people who’ve not had the best service from him, but it would also be a shame to not see this design become a bit more widespread, I can easily imagine Aquatech, SPL, Essex or Liquid Eye coming up with a similar handle design, for my Aquatech it would be as easy as extending the cable for the pistol grip and bolting a J shaped handle into the existing holes for the pistol grip.


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