Laurent Pujol – More In The Tube Angles

I posted recently about Seth Stafford’s in the tube behind the surfer angle, well here’s another surf photographer, French ex-pro surfer Laurent Pujol, who’s also shooting the same angle.

Photo: Laurent Pujol

You can read about it on Stab Mag here (few more pic’s, after sitting through an advert):

Or Red Bull here (same text, less photo’s, no advert):

He explains that he has “motor help” my guess is that he either does a step-off from a jet-ski behind the surfer, or there’s two tow ropes on a jet ski with his being longer and deeper than the subjects.

I think this style of shot might have been around for longer than the journalist (I can’t see a byline on either page linked above) and Laurent realise, there’s a good example of the technique being used to film Jamie O’Brien at Teahupoo in Who Is JOB, in that case Simon Thornton is riding a bodyboard with a film camera attached.

Whenever it was pioneered it does seem like a relatively unique angle, obviously Seth Staffords version with a bodyboard and no jet ski is a much easier way for anyone learning surf photography to try it out, I’m definitely keen to get into a few deep barrels and get some shots.

The best bit of the interview is when Laurent relates the difference between photo hungry pro surfer and photographer:

“Surfing’s an egotistical sport for individuals,” he says. “Even when you’re out there with your friends you want the bombs. I got caught up with that. Now when I’m shooting I’m rooting for the other guys, I’m stoked for them for once. It’s a different mentality. I’m not getting as tired, I’m having more fun and I’m getting 20 lock-ins every session with my friends. I’m getting more barrels now! I’m getting deeper, baby!”


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