New Aquatech Sports Housing This Week

It seems like Instagram is the place to drop news of your new product releases these days, I always get the latest from Knekt that way, and a few hours ago Aquatech have posted a teaser for some forthcoming news.

Here’s what they say in the caption:

Testing some new cameras for some new releases this week. The Sport Housing family is due to expand and welcome a new family member really soon. What camera models would you like to see a housing for? Let us know in the comments below

As of right now 6 out of 20 (sensible) responses ask for a housing for the Sony a6000, with another 7 requesting one of the Sony A7 range, the others are made up of mostly out of date Nikons with the odd Fuji and Olympus thrown in. Only 4 reasonable requests for a DSLR vs 16 for a mirrorless camera…

So I’m hoping Aquatech did their homework and are planning on unveiling a Sony alpha housing this week, I think it’s more likely to be for one (or more) of the Sony A7 series than the a6000.

What do I predict for the new Aquatech?

Based on my own experience you can get a housing to work with a lot of similar sized cameras, my Aquatech CR-60 housing has successfully waterproofed a Canon EOS 60D, 550D, 70D and 50D, so one housing with many back plate options for all the A7 range would seem realistic, and could be a game changer for the housing industry.

With a successor to the Sony a6000 likely to be announced at some point soon I doubt they’d go for an a6000 housing at this stage before knowing if and how the form factor might change in the near future.

Best case?

In an ideal world there will be an Aquatech A7x housing, buy the basic shell and get the back plate to match your camera, be it an A7, A7r, A7s or any of the mk ii variations, that would make a lot of people happy.

Worst case?

Worst case scenario would be a housing for whatever iteration of Canikon DSLR has just come out, this would signal that Aquatech have lost touch with the market.

Outside chance

Inexpensive GoPro housing with a dome port? I’d give you some long odds on that but I would love to see it.

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