Post Processing Basics – Lightroom

I use Lightroom 4 to organise and edit my photo’s, I barely even open Photoshop anymore, Lightroom does everything I need to do quickly and easily.

One of the best parts of the surf photography workshop I attended recently was seeing Mike Searle’s approach to sorting out his photo’s, I was reassured when I saw that his work flow is almost identical to mine,  I will be putting up some more posts on this subject in the future, including making some surf friendly pre-sets available for download.

There are lots of video tutorials for Lightroom out there but I’ve found that the skateboard centric video series called In Focus has one of the best I’ve found for surf photographers, it covers all the basic techniques and tools and you can easily apply the skate specific tips to surfing as well.

If you don’t use Lightroom already, or even if you are a user now, you can download the Beta release of Lightroom 5 from Adobe for free, it’s probably buggy and they don’t recommend importing all your photo’s into it, but it’s a good way to test it out and see how powerful and useful it is:

I’ve slacked off a bit on the posts on the blog recently, not because I’ve lost interest, I’ve actually just invested in some new gear and have a lot of new ideas that I hope to introduce to the site soon. I’ve been working on transferring the site to the wordpress platform, it might take a while but once it’s done I should be able to build on the features I want which will hopefully help to grow the blog into something a little more professional.

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