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Whilst I hope to provide some more how-to style posts myself in the future there’s a host of stuff out there to learn from already, the resources category is the place to look for these type of posts, so if you want something more than inspiration check out the resources tab for some lessons in surf photography from various sources.

Here’s one that’s been up on the surfer website for a while from Zak Noyle:

How to nail a water shot with Zak Noyle

Zak Noyle's fisheye shot of Jesse Merle-Jones in tahiti
Zak Noyle’s fisheye shot of Jesse Merle-Jones in tahiti

It’s a quick introduction to what you need for shooting in the water, and offers a bit of an insight into what you can achieve with some experience in the field.

you want to always be on your toes and ready to move. You need to be able to move and turn back and forward in a moment’s notice—it’s what makes the difference between a web photo for Facebook and a cover of SURFER magazine

I stressed this in my post on water housing’s basics, it’s definitely the case when shooting with a wide angle and to an extent with a longer lens too, I’ve been using my 28mm prime lens in my housing recently and I’ve been loving the new angles I can get even when I’m a bit further away from the action, so perhaps if you’re not used to swimming with swim fins and find it hard to position yourself correctly, see if you can try out a longer lens, you might end up having more fun and shooting more keepers.

More resources posts coming soon.






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