Russel Ord – Behind the Image

I bookmarked this when I first saw it at the start of June and I’ve just got round to linking to it here, so far this is the only Behind the Image video I can find from Australian hell-man photographer Russel Ord but it definitely seems like it could be the start of a series, I hope so.

I can’t embed the video so here’s a link:

And here’s the caption:

Behind the image is the long story, short story or even just a few token words describing what took place behind the photo, it may be technical which I very much doubt, about the subject, what went into taking the photo, what I would do different next time, basically anything that comes to mind, scribbling notes at the time will recall the facts, talking it up or down is not out of the equation, its also open for discussion, questions, banter, jargon, requests and everything in between, ENJOY! – Cheers Isaac Jones for the edit. – Russel Ord.

Pretty intense images, I like this short form video with some highlights and narration by the photographer himself, makes a change from overly long videos which don’t have much content.

If and when I see more I’ll pu8t them up here, in the mean time check out the Russel Ord website, it’s been redesigned since I last had a look myself and there’s plenty of inspiration to be found:

I’ve definitely got a couple of ideas for future shots from some of the water based portrait style shots, might have to wait until I’m on holiday with warmer water at the end of the summer before I can try them out though.







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