Sacha Specker’s Surf Photography Gear

I’m kind of obsessed with seeing what gear pro surf photographers use, so whenever I see a photo of someone’s kit I bookmark it and make a note to check it out in detail.

This photo shoes Sacha Specker with a lot of his gear laid out too, he takes some awesome photo’s and is currently World Drop Knee champion, so a bit of a hero.

It’s the header image for Riptides Have you Heard feature.

I can see the Aquatech C-07 housing for the Canon 7D, which is reassuringly the same housing I have (with a different back and plate to accomodate the 7D rather than the 60D) with pretty minimal controls, there’s a whole lot of L glass which I can’t see myself affording any time soon, and at least one other camera body too, I’m not enough of a camera geek to know what it is from this pic’.

There’s also a GoPro Hero 3 there which is not surprising and a few ports for the various lenses, I’m surprised that he’s using the entry level Aquatech housing but I guess that’s what gets the job done, looking at the photo’s that he takes with very similar kit to mine makes me want to shoot better photos.

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