Surfer Magazine – Danger Close – War/Surf Photographer Guillermo Cervera

This article/interview featuring Guillermo Cervera is definitely worth a read, coincidentally I was chatting recently to a friend who often travels to extreme destinations (check out

We chatted about surf photography and his techniques for getting photo’s in difficult situations, I’m not sure how well technique crosses over really but the attitude required might have some common elements.


Photo: Guillermo Cervera

When Newsweek wanted to know how I got into a Taliban site, I told them I did it the same way I get into big waves: You go, you smile, and the people welcome you. It’s like when you go to a localized surf spot. If you get along with the guys in the water, they will open the door. That can be one of the most difficult things to learn, but if you can figure it out—in surf or in press photography—80 percent of your work is done – Guillermo Cervera

He talks about photographing in war zones and how surf photography is a relief in between assignments, I would love to hear a full interview with him about his life taking photo’s.

Take a read and be inspired by some awesome water shots, personally I’m going to remember this next time I’m complacent about having to get into a wet wetsuit to surf a dawny and appreciate my cushy life even more than I do already.






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