Surfer Magazine: Mangalore Lensman Feature

I happened to be checking out Taylor Steele’s new DVD double disc special featuring  Sipping Jetstreams and Castles in the Sky today at work, I’ve seen Castles in the sky and was pretty impressed with the India section, this article on Surfer Magazine’s web site has some more background to the spots they surf and the native photographer who helped document the trip featured:

Hard to believe Rammohan Paranjape can be the only native surf photographer in India, it doesn’t sound too consistent but I’m not sure it’s any worse than the UK for waves, and there’s a tonne of photographers at most popular breaks on a good day over here.

Just shows that a mature surf scene, good infrastructure, no life threatening wildlife, decent winter wetsuits and plenty of coastline makes the UK one of the better places to be a surf photography hobbyist.

The article is a good if quick read and if you’re interested in India or surf film-making I’d recommend having a look at Castles in the Sky and particularly the commentary track on the DVD by Taylor Steele, they talk about the cameras used (Red for the surf footage, Canon 7D for some lifestyle shots) and the locations.

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