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Surfer Magazine Best Photo’s of 2013 – Deeper Analysis

By now you’ve probably seen quite a few best of 2013 style posts, I’ve already mentioned The inertia and Stab Mag’s offerings on learningsurfphotography.com, but this one from Surfer magazine is especially interesting to budding surf photographers and definitely warrants a deeper analysis: http://www.surfermag.com/photos/best-photos-2013 For starters, all the images are first class, with many of […]

Surfer Magazine – Exposure With Dylan Gordon

Just a quick one tonight for some inspiration, Dylan Gordon’s gallery of favourite shots on Surfer Magazines website: http://www.surfermag.com/photos/exposure-11/#778a152276 My favourite of his shots is the 11th one, a portrait of Ryan Lovelace outside some greenhouses: I like the pattern made by the boards and it reminded me a lot of a location very close […]