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  • Telesin GoPro Dome – $89

    Telesin GoPro Dome – $89

    I recently discovered the Telesin 6″ GoPro dome port, another option for people wanting to shoot over/under, 50/50 or split shots with their GoPro camera. Telesin 6″ GoPro Dome Port: $89 on Amazon The Telesin GoPro Dome Port is available on Amazon for $89 It’s cheaper than the KNEKT KSD6 GoPro dome port which I […]

  • KNEKT KSD6 GoPro Dome Port Unboxing

    KNEKT KSD6 GoPro Dome Port Unboxing

    I’ve managed to get my hands on a KSD6 dome port from KNEKT, it’s designed to shoot over/under style photos using your GoPro camera. Here’s my un-boxing video showing you all the features and how to assemble the port with the KNEKT GPLT trigger: Here are links to the products I’m using in the GoPro […]