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  • Some Recent Stories, More Proper Posts Coming Soon

    Some Recent Stories, More Proper Posts Coming Soon

    I’ve let up on the posts recently but I’ve been working behind the scenes on some more interesting stuff, and to be honest, nothing’s really grabbed me on the every day front recently, I’ve bookmarked a few stories that were kind-of note worthy, but nothing grabbed me enough to take the time to make a […]

  • Transworld Surf No Longer a Print Magazine

    Transworld Surf No Longer a Print Magazine

    Fairly recently there was a bit of a merger in the print world which meant Surfer, Surfing and Transworld Surf were all owned my grind media, the news broke a couple of days ago that they would not be continuing to print Transworld surf, it will remain as a website. http://business.transworld.net/134084/features/grindmedia-to-stop-printing-transworld-surf/ It’s not that surprising […]

  • Maluku Surfboards website

    Maluku Surfboards website

    There are a couple of my photo’s from a trip to Indo a while ago on the Maluku Surfboards website, it’s got a nice flowing, full page design and the boards look good too: www.malukusurf.com The shots used weren’t action shots, just some seascapes I shot in between sessions. Just goes to show, it’s always […]

  • More Updates Soon

    More Updates Soon

    I’m going to be busy with other things for the next few weeks but I’ve got a new site on the way and plenty of new content to put up when I get the chance, including new gear, new techniques and a more versatile layout which will allow me to get more types of content […]

  • Flickr Facelift

    Flickr Facelift

    I’ve just noticed that Flickr has had a huge facelift, my photostream page now looks pretty awesome, but it does reflect the fact that I’ve not taken many (publicly accessible) surfing photo’s recently. I love my Flickr Pro account but I don’t use the social features very much, hopefully this re-design and the better mobile […]