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Transworld Surf No Longer a Print Magazine

Fairly recently there was a bit of a merger in the print world which meant Surfer, Surfing and Transworld Surf were all owned my grind media, the news broke a couple of days ago that they would not be continuing to print Transworld surf, it will remain as a website. http://business.transworld.net/134084/features/grindmedia-to-stop-printing-transworld-surf/ It’s not that surprising […]

Flickr Facelift

I’ve just noticed that Flickr has had a huge facelift, my photostream page now looks pretty awesome, but it does reflect the fact that I’ve not taken many (publicly accessible) surfing photo’s recently. I love my Flickr Pro account but I don’t use the social features very much, hopefully this re-design and the better mobile […]