Transworld Surf No Longer a Print Magazine

Fairly recently there was a bit of a merger in the print world which meant Surfer, Surfing and Transworld Surf were all owned my grind media, the news broke a couple of days ago that they would not be continuing to print Transworld surf, it will remain as a website.

It’s not that surprising I guess but there’s an interview with Norb Garret which goes into a little bit of detail on the decision, the most interesting thing for me though is the picture slide show featuring 146 Transworld surf covers from 1999 to 2013, great to see how the graphic design and content of the photo’s have changed, here’s a couple of my favourites:

October 2008 Photo Issue cover, I can’t make out the credit but it’s an awesome fisheye shot just at the moment of ducking out of the way

August 2003, Jamie O’Brien shot by Dave Troyer, I like how they used the off-level angle within the cover.

If you fancy seeing what it takes to make a cover, this is a ten minutes well spent for the future surf photographer.

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