The Other John, John – Video by Desillusion Magazine

This is a bit more tangential than the last Desillusion magazine video on Zak Noyle but John John Florence is a surfer, and this video is about his photography, so I guess it qualifies for inclusion here.

The Other John, John. from Desillusion Magazine on Vimeo.

In the above video the young surf star talks about his analogue photography passion, you get a little glimpse of some of the results from the photo taking when he’s going through his prints but I’d love to see more of the actual photography personally (but I guess you’ll need to buy the magazine to see that).

If you want to read about and see more of John John’s photography I’d recommend this article at Stab Mag documenting the cover portrait that he shot of Dane Reynolds.

Like all the videos by Sebastien Zanella and Desillusion it’s got a nice moody feel to it, I never did get hold of a copy of the magazine on my trip to France, but I’m sure I’ll get one at some point.

As you might know I’ve been playing around with film recently too, hopefully I’ll get to see the results of my first 35mm film in a few years tomorrow so I’ll most likely do a full post on it, if you’re (a geek) like me you’re interested in the actual kit he uses so here’s what I think is featured:

If you’re interested in shooting surf photography with a film camera keep tuned because as soon as there are some waves around here I’ll be shooting the remaining 35 frames of my first roll of Ilford HP5 black and white film in my Canon EOS 630.

I promise I will put up some non 35mm related posts very soon, I hope to add a couple of detailed posts on using Lightroom 5 for post processing surf photo’s, including GoPro videos and stills too, but Lightroom 6 is rumoured to be released tomorrow so maybe I’ll dig into that (unless it’s a subscription only package…)

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