Latest Surf Gallery April 2013

The surf has been so consistently decent for the last few weeks that I’ve not had much time to write any posts, I’m definitely not complaining as it’s given me the opportunity to do some surfing myself and to put into practice some of the lessons I’ve learnt recently too.

This post is just a quick recap of some recent photo’s, I’ll try to give a bit of info on each one in the caption and below.

I will put the shots up in an album on the learning surf photography Facebook page too.

1: A fisheye water shot, using the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens, this session I had the focus set at exactly infiniti on the lens, I wasn’t happy with the sharpness of the shots so now I have changed to focusing a few meters away then locking the focus and now I’m happier with the focus for action shots like this.

2: Shaun Kerslake weaves a top turn, the light was very flat on this overcast evening, this was shot with the bottom focus point active to try and get the sweeping line of swell in the shot.

3: John Hibbard on his SUP, his board is a nice colour and there’s some nice contrast seams on his wetsuit, so I didn’t want to convert to B&W, I tried to boost the vibrancy in Lightroom but I might have gone too far, I can’t quite decide if I like it, but I do like the little bit of hedge in the foreground.

4: I’ve been seeing a few slow shutter speed empty wave shots on Ray Collins instagram feed so I thought I’d try a hand held one at 1/6 of a second in the dying light, I like the results and I’m looking forward to trying it on a day which isn’t so miserable so I can capture some colour too.

5: That’s me on the shoulder, my friend Ross Duerden took this one using my camera, I had been experimenting with focus settings the day before and not put them back so when it wasn’t focusing as expected he smartly switched to sports mode (which ignores my experimental focus settings) to take this and captured one of my favourite photo’s of the recent swells.
Sports mode chose a shutter speed of 1/800, an aperture of f4 and ISO 800, it goes to show, if you get the timing and composition right you can get really nice images with an automatic mode, although the results were fairly inconsistent if you look at all the photo’s shot in sports mode, so next time someone’s using my camera I’ll make sure the focus is set up how they expect.

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