TheShot Water Housings

I noticed this site when I was going through the Surfer magazine top shots of 2013 and looking into the photographers who took the photo’s.

Fred Pompermayer’s website is called TheShot photography, and one of the latest news posts, from August 2013, is about a new water housing design available from the site:

TheShot water housing
TheShot water housing

TheShot Waterhousings
Custom made in aluminum, super light, versatile and compact.
Everything you want and need to shoot the best quality surf photography in the water.
For more information please contact:
Orders available now!

They look great, the most popular aluminium housing available is from SPL, and many photographers swear by them, but what separates TheShot housings is the tight fit for the camera, it’s less of a square box, and more of a snug fit.

TheShot housing, smaller than many other options
TheShot housing, smaller than many other options

A couple of things stand out as disadvantages though, the tight fit is great for a smaller, lighter set-up, but it means it is harder to convert for a different camera when you upgrade (we all know camera bodies become obsolete more often than lenses and housings), and the bolts which attach the pistol grip extend down and could get caught on your hand.

Otherwise they look like a good option, especially if you’re in Brazil, to be clear though, I haven’t used one, and haven’t spoken to anyone who has first hand experience, so I’d definitely recommend getting in touch with TheShot directly for more info if you’re interested.

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