Todays Lesson: Check Your Focus Mode

I got up early this morning to go and take some photo’s at Bantham at sunrise, rather than rush in the morning I set up my camera in the housing the night before.

The last few times I’ve used it I have been in manual focus with the wide angle lens, this time I knew I’d be shooting a shifty beach break and the light was going to be pretty poor so I thought I’d go for the 50mm lens.

Unfortunately I’d been taking some snaps the other day and had set up the focus in one shot mode, so it focuses once then doesn’t re-focus until you release the shutter, this is ideal for focusing on your (stationary) subject, then re-composing and taking the shot.

What it’s not ideal for is taking long sequences of people surfing in low light, so pretty much all of my pictures from this morning are out of focus.

The setting I should have put it in is AI Servo, where it constantly focuses as it takes shots.

It’s a bummer but I won’t forget next time, I will learn from my own advice from the last post and double check the settings before loading the housing up.

I got a few OK pictures but it wasn’t quite big enough for any really good barrels or tricks so I don’t think I’ve missed out on any real gold, and even with the basic error in focusing there’s a couple of fun ones worthy of Facebook at least.


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