Todd Glaser Interview

I just had a quick read of the Todd Glaser interview on Jamie Goodsell’s blog, I recommend having a look via the link above.

Then have a look at Jamie Goodsell’s website, there are some great portraits on there, I’ll be having more of a look later on.

The most interesting bit for me about the Todd Glaser interview is the gear bit and this back and forth:

How do you adjust so quickly for composition when you’re shooting fast moving subjects? Is that kind of environment so intense that it’s like in slow motion at times? 
Shooting surfing is an understanding of light, your subject, and anticipation where the peak moment will occur. Sometimes it means you have to swim a little faster to get in the spot to capture the peak action at what in your opinion is the best angle. There’s no right or wrong, it’s what you think looks good. Communication is key with the surfers though. Letting them know what lens you’re using and having an idea what the image you are hoping to achieve, can make capturing surfing a lot more productive.

I like his questions, this one especially, so far I haven’t really done any arranged shoots with people, occasionally I will talk through what I want to get before a session but generally I just go out and shoot whoever happens to be there.

This is something that I will experiment with in the future, right now I’m still picking up enough new technique stuff to keep me interested, but I’ve got a couple of ideas for shots that I hope to make reality and this is where the pre-planning with surfers will come in properly.






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