Todd Glaser’s New Website

Todd Glaser has a new website with some pretty epic surf photography on it, see it here:

I would definitely recommend having a browse for some inspiration, there’s plenty of images I recognise from adverts and spreads, there’s even one that I’ve got on a T-shirt (the one above, on a KS10 tee).

One link I noticed on the Bio page was for a surf specific stock photo site called, I hadn’t seen this before so had a dig around.

The site is dated, from the circa 1999 table/gif based design to the strange way they talk about digital file transfers like it’s not an every day occurrence, but the images are really good and I think if you were looking to take the hobby further and make money from it this would be a good resource for working out which style of photo’s could be popular.

I think it’s more of a broker for photographers than anything else, the main thing making me think it’s not an abandoned relic is that there’s a link to it on Todd Glasers new site, so there must be something going on there, I think it’s worth digging around for some inspiration at the very least.

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