Trent Mitchell’s Website

I just saw a link to Trent Mitchell’s website, it’s very slick with a nice portfolio of great photo’s, it looks like it was launched on the 9th of November according to the first blog post.

The second post in the blog is really interesting to me because of the images used, it shows the cover of Surfing World that he shot of Mick Fanning on South Stradbroke Island, but he’s overlayed the cover shot on his original image, showing the crop they used for the cover.

Photo: Trent Mitchell

On his facebook page he mentions in the comments that it was shot on a Nikon D3, this is a 12.1 MP  body, it seems like a pretty big crop for a 12 MP image but I guess it was good enough for the cover, gives me hope for a couple of the shots I took yesterday where I ideally want to crop out the background before showing them to anyone or getting them printed.

I recommend looking through his site for some inspiring images, he does quite a few long exposure blurred images of waves which look a lot better than any attempt I’ve made to do that, I think I’m going to go out today and try and shoot some slower shutter speeds in the water, there should be a little wave and it’s particularly overcast and murky so it might come out nice.


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