Wavelength Magazine – Index of Behind The Shot Features

I was just thinking about trying out something new and I knew I’d read about the style of shot in Tim Nunn’s Behind The Shot feature in UK surf magazine Wavelength, I’ve mentioned how much I like this feature in a previous post.

So I had a hunt to find what I was looking for and thought other people learning surf photography would probably be interested to know which type of shot is discussed in each issue so they can track it down more easily.

The feature started in the June 2012 issue (number 215), unfortunately I can’t find my copy so I can’t tell you what the first shot featured was.

As they release new issues (and when I find issue 215) I’ll update this list, you can buy individual back copies via their iphone and ipad app, apparently Android support is coming soon.

  • Issue 215, June 2012,
  • Issue 216, July 2012, Burky’s Angle (shoot a regular spot in a new way), by Chris Burkard
  • Issue 217, August 2012, Helicopter Shoot, by John Respondek
  • Issue 218, September 2012, Long Lens Water Shot, by Spencer Hornby
  • Issue 219, October 2012, Fisheye Air Shot, by Seth Stafford
  • Issue 220, November 2012. Remote Flash, by Andrew Shield
  • Issue 221, December 2012, Speed Blur, by Nathan Smith
  • Issue 222, January 2013, Looking Out of the Barrel, by Chris Burkard
  • Issue 223, February 2013, Shoot Surf with a Basic set-up, by Greg Martin
  • Issue 224, March 2013, How to shoot from a Jet Ski, by Mark Thompson
  • Issue 225, April 2013, ?
  • Issue 226, May 2013, Callum’s Water Shot, by Callum Morse
  • Issue 227, June 2013, Low Cost Kit, by Tim Nunn
  • Issue 228, July 2013, Shooting Raw, by Tim Nunn
  • Issue 229, August/September 2013, Underwater, by Tim Nunn

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