Zak Noyle Documentary – Kidnappers of Moment

Check out this documentary by featuring Zak Noyle, a Hawaii based surf photographer, I saw it on the Desillusion magazine newsletter.

Kidnappers of Moment – Zak Noyle from Desillusion Magazine on Vimeo.

He shoots a lot with his iPhone, and the video he gets from it is awesome, but as I mentioned in the post about Stab mag’s Old fashioned Values feature I don’t have the same passion for making it harder to get the images you want to capture.

I do understand the appeal of uploading straight away, luckily I can kind-of do that with the Canon 70D, my android phone and the EOS app, as yet I haven’t actually done any uploading on the fly, maybe I’ll give it a go to try and prove the point, although quite often if I’m shooting surfing I’m out of mobile phone coverage anyway.


If you’re wondering how he waterproofs his iPhone, he uses a watershot housing for it, their pro case in particular is the one that’s shown in the video, and it’s got a very interesting removable grip:

A removable colored grip allows the user to change colors or replace it with upcoming Bluetooth® enabled grips for special features designed specifically for surfers and divers

That sounds very promising, I imagine it’s going to have some sort of bluetooth powered ergonomic shutter release button on the grip, maybe even a pistol grip style attachment, currently it’s got 4 buttons and taking a photo looks like an awkward experience, a bit like shooting stills with the GoPro.

The app looks pretty clunky to actually upload your photo’s or videos to facebook or twitter from the line up (might have been updated since this 2012 video on Youtube), so not sure how often that would actually happen in the real world, never mind the data allowance and battery power that uploading video from the sea will chew through.

Desillusion magazine looks pretty cool too, I’m probably going to be in France in a couple of months so I’m going to see if I can save the 13€ shipping costs and pick up a copy when I’m over there. Incidentally I’ve just received another magazine which I paid for in Euro, Acid, and I’m in the process of preparing a bit of a run down of my recent magazine and book binge as part of my review of the Blurb magazine printing service.

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