Aerial Photography Lesson – Don’t Film Without Asking

Witness the reaction of a local who doesn’t want a video camera pointed at him or his spot, in this case the camera was a GoPro mounted to a DJI Phantom quad copter.

There’s some pretty interesting comments on the Transworld surf post featuring the video here:

Maybe the pilot didn’t realise that the spot was sensitive and would be protected by the locals (who look like they’re getting changed too), but that quad copter would have to be pretty close to the guys on the beach to get that angle, even if it wasn’t a surf spot I’d have asked ahead of time before getting that close to anyone.

If you want some tips on documenting sensitive surf spots have a look at this recent post, and if you’re interested in getting your GoPro airborne yourself (just avoid flying it where you shouldn’t) read an introduction to my Aerial Photography set up.

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