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Aerial Photography Lesson – Don’t Film Without Asking

Witness the reaction of a local who doesn’t want a video camera pointed at him or his spot, in this case the camera was a GoPro mounted to a DJI Phantom quad copter. There’s some pretty interesting comments on the Transworld surf post featuring the video here: surf.transworld.net/1000166650/videos/rock-throwing-longboarder-nearly-takes-drone/ Maybe the pilot didn’t realise that the […]

Learning Drone Photography Part 1 – Quadcopter Basics

You might have noticed me mentioning a new toy of mine, a Blade 350QX quad-copter, I’ve been fascinated with the possibilities for aerial photography (and videography) for a while, I purchased a helicopter to try and get air born but never got further than the simulator on my computer, it’s incredibly hard to fly a […]