Aquabumps – New Angles And My SUP Paddle Cam

The latest Aquabumps e-mail has some really nice elevated angles in it, just in case you’re one of the few surf photographers who isn’t signed up for the e-mail, you can check it out here:

Here’s what Eugene says about the photo’s:

Here at Aquabumps we pride ourselves on new angles…

Well…here’s 11 angles you haven’t seen before. No drone, no heli, no housing…just my latest invention from NASA called the big stick. Total investment – 20 bucks.

The “no housing” bit would make me a bit nervous, just balancing your camera on a big pole without it being protected from an accidental dip in the sea would be nerve wracking.

Naturally the top-down angle reminds me of what you get when using a drone, but also of a few photo’s I took with my GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition the other day whilst I was out on my SUP.

I wouldn't call it surfing really, going straight for a hundred yards is still pretty fun though
I wouldn’t call it surfing really, going straight for a hundred yards is still pretty fun though

I had the GoPro attached to my paddle using a handlebar mount, and whilst paddling back out to the line-up on this tiny day at a local beach I held it up over my head to get a similar angle, next time I’ll try and get a lot closer to get the same sort of feel as the Aquabumps images.

Incidentally this photo was transferred from my GoPro to my phone using WiFi, then processed with the standard Android photo’s app, then uploaded to Facebook from the phone, no computer necessary and it took about 10 minutes to do in the sunshine whilst waiting for a lift after this session.

Also – if I had taken the photo with my Canon 70D DSLR I could have done the same thing because it’s got WiFi built in too, isn’t technology great.


  1. I was in the water with my housing whilst Uge was doing this . . . even managed to photo bomb the second image. A 5d on his monopod which was cable tied to a 15ft pole from the local hardware store, using a pocket wizard. I wouldn’t trust myself not to let it slip out of my grasp

    Simple yet very effective!

    1. Thanks for the info Dave, definitely a great angle, and a very effective budget rig too. I’d definitely want to do some serious practice and testing before taking it out in the water though.

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