Brother Housings – New universal water housing

Brother housings, from South Africa, have released another new housing.

This one’s called the Carbon-X, and it’s got a lot going for it if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t stick to the same camera system for long. Here’s the promo video:

And the highlights:

  • Low price: 9500 rand ($683 US, $966 AUS, £446 GBP, €622 EUR) for the best value package: housing, pistol grip, flat port and dome port, a bit cheaper if you only want one port
  • Interchangeable ports – screw in system, much like the other major brands
  • Compatible with lots of different cameras
  • Detachable side handle – nice touch
  • Pistol grip as standard
  • Lighter weight – it says “Light & Strong Poly-carbonate Construction”, I think that means plastic, but it’s called the Carbon-X? my Aquatech is plastic and feels bullet proof and my Dale Kobetich housing is carbon and weighs nothing, so both are good
  • 7″ Dome port and 4 lengths of flat port available
  • You get a lens port adapter with it – I’m not sure exactly how this works but it says it’s compatible with their old Aluminate housings, I guess it allows you to use the new ports on the old housings which is nice
  • Responsive service – I’ve emailed a couple of times and always had a prompt response

Is it too good to be true?

Here are the drawbacks I can see over a (much more expensive) water housing option like Aquatech or SPL.

  • No controls – you only get pistol grip shutter release. They are working on controls for the back plate and once they’re available you can just upgrade back plate and use a different camera inside
  • 10 bolts! my Aquatech CR-60 has 5, and I’ve used several housings which use between one and four latches, and compared to the housings I have used (SPL, Del Mar, HCW and Dale Kobetich) which have more than 7 fasteners they are much less hassle to put together. If Aquatech can seal a similar sized housing for a 7D with 5 bolts then 10 seems like overkill to me
  • No zoom control on any lenses – bit of a bummer but conceivably it could be added later on a port
  • Taxes could be expensive – I recommend checking out an online duty calculator before ordering, it’s still going to be cheaper than one of the big brands though

But it’s a lot cheaper, and you can use any camera inside it too, so there’s a lot to like, if I didn’t already have too many water hosuings, and Meikon didn’t make the Starbea, I’d be very interested

Is it compatible with the Sony a6000?

I e-mailed and they said yes it was, but you can check for yourself on their handy compatibility checker on their website:

I think you’d have a lot of room inside there though, much like I do with my Aquatech:

All the controls you could ever need could be as simple as waterproofing a cheap smart phone
All the controls you could ever need could be as simple as waterproofing a cheap smart phone

If you want to see more or buy a Carbon-X housing check out the brother housings website:


    1. Hi Valentina,

      I haven’t used one myself so I can’t say for sure, but based on the construction and the size I’d expect it to be pretty buoyant.

      I’d recommend contacting Brother housings direct with the exact camera and lens combo you plan to use so they can let you know for sure.

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