Clark Little Flash Shorebreak Photography

This is an awesome shot of Clark Little shooting a shorebreak with his housing mounted flash.

I’m pretty sure it’s a still from video, it was shot with a GoPro Hero 2, you can see more on the Clark Little photography facebook page.

Last weekend I was testing out my back button focus with my fisheye in the housing, it worked well but I was surfing a sheltered spot with pretty foul water so instead of going for underwater shots I tried out some Clark Little style death shorebreak, it’s not quite as glamorous when you’re in a 5mm hooded wetsuit and the beach is made of shingle, but I got a couple of shots I’m happy with:

There’s some others that I like better but this one doesn’t show the fairly distinctive background, the water on the left where the lip is hitting is probably an inch deep and being drawn out pretty rapidly.

I was surprised how easy it was to push through the wave on most of them, but I’m going to have to learn to shoot left handed to get the best out of right hand shorey’s.

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